my aesthetic is japan zayn getting mad at niall for not eating miso soup correctly


"one direction wrote with 1975, the madden brothers and fall out boy for the new album"

[looks at tracklist] 



1d: *releases 50th album*

y’all: damn. i was really sure just can’t let her go would be on this album


Let’s just bring this back


ok so i thought about it and the mental image of harry being alone on the “quiet” bus for half the night and then a very stoned confused zayn malik stumbling onto the bus to sleep when they stop at a gas station and entering a dark warm haven of vanilla~anise scent and soothing rainy day effect music and harry sitting in lotus position meditating and zayn’s like “where- where am i” and harry says slowly “welcome”

does anyone remember when liam said in an interview that harry was the scariest when he’s angry because his voice gets deeper and he likes to swear a lot and throw stuff because i haven’t and probably never will forget that


I can’t. He went to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch.

There is an actual “Paparazzi Pen” there. For real. It’s on Mr. Bones actual website. 


And the girl he went with, Erin Foster is gay (or at least bi). She used to date Samantha Ronson, you know the girl Lindsey Lohan dated.

This is officially my favorite Harry with a girl PR attempt yet. 



Better Than Words, Little White Lies and Strong got cut from the concert film why is Ben Winston the human embodiment of mediocrity



harry after the show tonightimage


truly an icon of our time


This is the BIGGEST proof we have

What was happening Im blind